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By the time the Series 111 Land Rover was introduced in 1971 the product was extremely well developed and tried and tested in every world wide situation.Indeed it was the choice of most when it was necessary to have the best off road capability and reliability including multi people carrying.

The Safari was a useful 12 seat capacity long wheelbase of 109 inches and capable of driving in any terrain from the Sahara Desert to the Artic!

This 1983 example has only had two owners from new and has never been restored.

2 owners only 60,000 Miles

She still has the original interior and doesn’t even have a radio fitted.

With the torquey 2.25 litre engine she will plod along all day long and run on very low octane fuel if ever necessary.

There is a continuous maintenance file and she has been well cared for although hardly used during the past 8 years.