Chase Seville Orange Marmalade Vodka, 40%

Beginning life as the World’s Best Vodka, Chase Vodka, we marinate with Seville orange fine marmalade in our alembic copper pot still; Ginny. This is then further distilled in the world’s tallest rectification column (standing at 70ft) with the vapours passing through fresh Valencian and Sevillian orange peel, creating a beautifully bittersweet and 100% natural orange experience.

Nose: Aromas of orange and lemon marmalades on rye toast.

Palate: Supple, fruity medium-to-full body, tangy.

Finish: Golden hue, orange zest, naturally rich bitter-sweet. 

Perfect Serve: Ideal for sipping neat, over ice, or as the base to a Chase Marmalade Mule; 50ml Chase Marmalade Vodka, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters, 15ml freshly squeezed lime, build over lots of ice and top with ginger beer.

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