2013 Maison Williams Chase Côte Du Rhône



While on route to our vineyard in Provence, I stopped off to see a friend in this celebrated region of winemaking. A long lunch inevitably turned into an impromptu wine tasting and a boot full of their best Côtes du Rhône! This wine is not to be underestimated; whilst it remains feminine, it packs a powerful punch of flavour, a personal favourite.

Tasting Notes

Grenache leads with hints of menthol, liquorice, and cherry liqueur. On the palate, a pleasing freshness is driven by refined and welcomed acidity. Initially expressive of red fruits – notably rich cherries – it progresses towards blackcurrants and peppery spices. A dominant, yet fine tannin structure supports the wine throughout.

Did you know?

-This appellation produced the papal community’s favourite wines when it still existed in Avignon.

-The King at the time ordered that the wines be shipped with CDR written on the case to protect their origin, it is thought this was one of the first instances of the appellation system.


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