2012 Maison Williams Chase Nuits Saint Georges



The favourite of my wife Kate whose taste I could never question(!). The rich, gamey flavours reminded me of the reds I like to drink at home in Herefordshire, pairing beautifully with duck.

Tasting Notes

Bright medium red in colour, the nose is dominated by red fruits, notably strawberries and raspberries with subtle ear thy under tones. There are hints of mocha on the palate with a
touch of refined wood smoke as the flavours become alive. It is supple and slightly sweet with a delicious gamey nuance. This moreish savoury character complements the notes of perfectly poised ripe red fruits.

Did you know?

-This area was cultivated by nuns in the middle ages.

-It is an elongated appellation with the North and South separated.

-There are no Grand Cru vineyards in this appellation.

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