SB4 Unlined Ventile Raincoat for Women


Williams Chase is proud to showcase a a country collection from our friends at Private White V.C, the perfect outerwear for a visit to our family farm. Similar to Chase, their entire collection is made by hand at their factory in Manchester. For each order, we will include either a bottle of Chase Vodka or Williams GB Gin 70cl.

The SB4 Unlined is a modern take on the factory's most celebrated and iconic piece, the single-breasted fly-fronted raincoat. 70% of a potato is water, here in Herefordshire we thrive in wet conditions so it's important we're wearing the right outerwear!

PWVC factory has specialised in making raincoats such as this style for over 100 years; our expertise and quality of materials is unrivalled.

The outer fabric of this coat is made from 100% cotton Ventile®, a signature Private White V.C. fabric, developed locally and with roots in World War Two and the British Military. This resilient high-performance fabric has stood the test of time are we are proud to use it in their garments today.

Ventile® is a densely woven cotton cloth which, due to the production process, is naturally waterproof. When water hits the material, the cotton fibres stiffen, completely repelling all traces. It is one of their celebrated fabrics for its technical properties and remarkable durability.

The SB4 Unlined Ventile® Mac features copper taped internal seams, completely sealing and protecting the jacket against wind and water, perfect for a long day on our farm!

With additional design qualities such as a Prussian collar, welt pockets and copper hardware including one of their finest military-grade zips from RIRI, Switzerland, this garment is as stylish as it is practical.

The garment also features a centre back vent and inset sleeves with a one inch stitch around the cuff and edge stitching throughout.

*Made in Manchester, England*

Orders will be sent direct from PWVC, for all returns please head over to and they will be able to assist further.

Vodka or Gin will be sent direct via Chase Distillery, we will be in touch to arrange delivery

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