Williams Seville Orange Gin, 40%

So delicious is the Seville orange, we not only decided to use them in our Chase Marmalade Vodka, but also in a bespoke gin recipe. Wanting a crisp, citrusy flavour we decided to use the oranges in their raw form rather than marmalising them first... and the result is outstanding.

We create the base spirit using our home-grown potatoes. Slowly, we infuse with a delicate  range of eight unique botanicals including; juniper, orange peel, liquorice, elderflower and bitter almond before finally distilling with more of the same sweet Seville orange peel used in our delicious Chase Marmalade Vodka.

Nose: Light nectar in appearance, natural floral oils upfront followed byfruity notes like a luscious hot cross bun.

Palate: Fragrant with elderflower upfront on the palate. Smooth, sweet Seville orange peel tones with full sweet body.

Finish: Full bodied, finishing with an expression of fresh Seville orange zest. 

Recommended Serve: Use to create a refreshing Gin and Tonic, served with a slice of fresh orange, or to create a classic Negroni. Also delicious as an Orange Blossom Fizz cocktail: 20ml Seville Orange Gin, 5ml rose water, 10ml honey shaken and topped with fizz.

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