Chase Smoked Vodka, 40%


Our oak smoked vodka is made in small batches – just one to two thousand bottles each time. We leave water from our borehole in the smokehouse until it picks up a delicate smoky flavour, then blend it with our award winning vodka to achieve a sweet, smoky finish.

  • Nose: An initial peppery haze leads to sweet and creamy oak smoke.
  • Palate:Sweet, woody notes of liquorice. Hints of charcoal with bitterness and spice, followed by subtle oak smoke.
  • Finish: Soft and delicate smokiness.
  • Recommended serve: Try it neat and slightly chilled as it tastes great on its own. With its smoky and moreish qualities, it also makes an inspired base for a smoked bloody mary and as a food-pairing vodka.

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