Chase Smoked Vodka, 40%

We make our Smoked Vodka using our traditional copper pot distilling methods by blending down our award winning Chase Vodka with Herefordshire's finest oak smoked water.

Water from our borehole is allowed to sit in the coolest part of the smokehouse for 5 days in order to pick up that delicate sweet but ashy smoky flavour.

  • Nose: Warm and inviting, like a great British campfire. An initial peppery haze opens up to a lightly sweet and creamy, oak smoke with delicate notes of ash flitting by in the breeze.  
  • Palate: Sweet and light woody notes of liquorice root greet the pallet on entry. Hints of charcoal and black pepper lead the way with a lightly tingling bitterness and spice, before the billowing oak smoke that follows.
  • Finish: Soft and delicate smokiness, warming like orange embers in the fireplace.
  • Recommended serve: Try it neat and slightly chilled as it tastes great on its own. With its smoky and moreish qualities, it also makes an inspired base for a smoked bloody mary and as a food-pairing vodka.

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